From Peak Demand Controllers, and Pulse Metering to Powerline Carrier Systems,

Brayden Automation has 40 years of proven Expertise to meet your Business Needs.

Brayden Automation Corporation (Brayden) provides the most reliable demand controllers, pulse isolation metering, and powerline carrier systems to the electric industry. Customers find that Brayden offers exceptional customer service and our dedicated technical support team won’t stop until your needs are met! We offer products to both commercial or residential clients and all of our products are designed and manufactured in America.

Our demand controller is one of the most effective load management devices built for the industry. Our pulse isolation relays help to protect our customers’ electrical equipment and utilities’ meter from harmful voltage spikes and other electrical noise issues. Our powerline carrier products have helped thousands of customers with implementation of their Energy Management Systems, general HVAC and lighting control projects. Lastly, our simple to install and simple to use, PulseConnex®, is a monitoring and analysis tool that provides real-time energy consumption and peak demand data to put you in control of electrical spending!

Below is an overview of our industry-leading product lines to help you with your energy management needs. Learn more about Brayden Automation.


This is Energy Sentry Demand Controller

Peak Demand Management

Energy Sentry lowers your electric bill by increasing your energy efficiency and protecting you from high-demand charges. Energy Sentry demand controllers will automatically manage large non-essential electric loads to lower peak demand. Ideal for buildings with noticeable peaks in energy use and homes with a residential demand rate.

This is Solid State Instruments Pulse Isolation Relay

KYZ Pulse Metering Devices

Solid State Instruments™ provides the best KYZ pulse isolation relays in the industry to protect your electrical equipment from transient voltage spikes and other electrical noise issues. We also offer a large selection of specialty pulse products used for providing additional outputs, long distance transmission, “noise” conditioning, totalizer metering and zigbee pulse generation with AMI meters. 

This is WireLynx Powerline Products.

Powerline Carrier Controls

WireLynx™ powerline carrier products provide a simple, cost-effective alternative to hardwiring a building for remote load operation. Our system comes with a transmitter and one or more receivers used to transmit on/off signals through the existing customer-side powerlines.

This is a PulseConnex Monitoring System

Connecting you to Instant Energy Information

PulseConnex® is a real-time monitoring and analysis tool reporting your energy use. It gives you control of your electric use, helps increase efficiency, improves budget forecasts so you can save money.  No need for the IT department, expensive infrastructure, software or operating systems.